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Do I need to purchase a domain?

You don’t need to. In fact, most companies that host websites like or, will help you get started on their services by using a subdomain like:

where “robkirkpatrick” is the sub-domain, and “BestWebsiteServiceEver” is the domain.

Super cool if you need something up and out in the world that others can see, or if you’re looking to evaluate a new service. This subdomain is going to be yours forever provided that you’ve paid for the services in one way or another. However, most trials I’ve done have let you upgrade the services and get a free domain with that initial purchase.

Ironically, what I’m trying to walk you through is getting a live website for as little cost as possible, so you’ll need to pay for the domain – not the services. So far the only cost that I’ve incurred to get my website up and running is the domain (I actually have 3, but they all map back to this site).

Bottom Line: If you’re sticking with me on this website guide, you should get a domain.

If you aren’t really technical, just want to get a website up today, or might need technical support I would go with a service. I recommended to my clients when I worked at Apple, but any service is usually good, e.g., Google Sites,

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