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Why did I build a website?

And how you can too

Let’s get the formalities out the way right from the start.

I am not a web programmer or developer. My “training” comes from several classes at UCCS, on-the-job experience, and hours of trial and error. I say that because I want you to know that some of what I share with you may be slightly inaccurate, out-dated, or completely wrong. I value your feedback if you do see something inaccurate or have some insight to offer.

The goal of my website was originally an experiment to see if I could create a website for little to no cost. If you’re reading this page, that’s a testimony to my success. But other than serving as an online bio and webpage for Rob Kirkpatrick (me) this website is still an evolving exercise on my part.

Simply put, if you’re looking for a professional to walk you through building your own site…I am not that. Disclaimer

Also, if you do opt to use some of my materials to build your own site – I would love to know about that. Let me know here Contact Me.

Finally, some of the links I use on my site are affiliate links, which would, in theory, give me some monetary or nominal value. You are more than welcome to go to the websites I mention organically if so choose to do so.

If you’re still here and ready to see what I did – let’s go!