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Why are you running for City Council?

Colorado Springs is the best place to live. As residents, we already knew that, even before the U.S. News report told the rest of the nation. But as we continue to get more attention, people looking to make a change are starting to recognize how truly amazing Colorado Springs is – and they are starting to move here. These changes are putting our city in a very unique situation where our population is growing, our downtown culture is evolving, and businesses are starting to look Colorado Springs rather than Denver. Not to mention continued real estate boom with new residential construction in the northern part of the city coupled with downtown revitalization.

There is a lot happening in our city right now.

I want the voice of my generation to be heard as these incredible changes start to shape our city. Too often Millenials are portrayed as lazy, or self-obsessed, or lacking the drive to accomplish important things. But those headlines you see on social media do not speak for me – a husband, father, college graduate, business professional. Those headlines don’t speak for my friends who are also starting families and work alongside you in your everyday professions. We live here too, and we want to see the right changes come to our city.

This time in our city’s history is going to be significant. As Colorado Springs becomes more diverse and continues to grow I want to make sure that I represent the voices of my peers and help to form a cohesive bond with rest of the city council members to ensure that we make the right steps forward for the good of our city.